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Welcome to CORE Physical Therapy & Sports Performance

Our therapies are based on quality care; a one on one, strategic, hands-on approach. We are committed to our clients and use the most current practices performed with compassion.


Our discovery visit is a free session lasting 20 minutes that will determine if the new patient is appropriate for physical therapy.

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Ready for relief? We can help

We provide alternative wellness services committed to helping people meet personal health and fitness goals.  We strive to surpass our competitors in quality patient/client care, innovation, and professionalism and become the wellness center of choice for healthy living.

• Relieve Pain
• Create Strength
• Promote Healthy Motion
• Improve Athletic Performance

We offer UBER Health!

- Free transportation for our patients. Please contact us for more details! -

*NEW* Pelvic Health at Core PT

Discover a new level of well-being with Core PT's new Pelvic Health Physical Therapy services. Our compassionate team of specialized therapists offers expert care in a confidential, judgment-free environment. Through comprehensive assessments, personalized treatment plans, and empowering education, we address your unique pelvic health concerns, ensuring lasting relief and improved quality of life. Experience the Core PT difference today—regain control, restore confidence, and embrace a life without limitations. Schedule your appointment now and embark on your journey to optimal pelvic health.

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The Benefits of Exercise

Schedule a visit with one of our highly trained physical therapists.

Acupuncture and Allergies

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Prevent Back Injury While Shoveling

Tips on how to shovel snow the right way.

CORE Can Help You Live Pain Free



"I went to Core after a meniscus surgery that didn't go well. I had a cyst behind the knee which made it more painful and complicated. I can't recommend John K. and the entire staff enough. It's the "Cheers" of Nutley. I wish I could go there once per week on a permanent basis to fix what ails me and get in a good work out. John immediately put me on the path to recovery, after the first session, I felt better. Literally limped in and walked out. Very unlike the last place I went to after the same surgery on my other knee. After a couple of sessions, I was offered acupuncture which was amazing and also helped to get rid of the different pains shooting up and down my knee, leg, and ankle. As time went on, I explained what ailed me and it was fixed or improved during each session. The place is clean, open, a lot of natural light, and has great equipment. After two months of going 2x per week and then tapering to 1x per week, I am working on the rest of recovery at home. I've never been so sad to end PT. "

Debra A.

15 FAQs about Physical Therapy

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